What seems like a billion years ago (but was in fact, just a few months ago in April), I made my way down to West London to Gunnersbury Park for a gloriously gorgeous wedding show.

It was such a beautiful day in one of my FAVOURITE wedding venues, and it was such an honour to be invited as one of their resident musicians…have a peek at a tiny selection of what was on offer!

I love being able to share things like this, because I’m always conscious that I don’t get to share what’s happening at a wedding – instagram selfies, whilst ALWAYS fun, just don’t really cut it…!

I really loved having a nosey at the different vendors’ work, and seeing how different things fit into the styling of the venue. It wasn’t a huge and super busy affair, but quietly stately, sophisticated, and easy to enjoy for the day.

Anna from Secù Photography did a BEAUTIFUL job of capturing the elegance of this luxury, 2* listed wedding venue packed with amazing goodies from luxury wedding suppliers.

And not that I’m getting married (I’m deffo not engaged, anyway!), but I LOVED seeing some really cool ideas which totally caught my attention, like these luxury scented wedding favours, which are personalised for the wedding couple…

Please. Can we just take a second to appreciate the LUSH spot which I was given in the Rothschild rooms??!??! I always bring lots of bits and pieces with me, but NEVER a standard table – I like to see what space I have, and then creative. Sometimes super busy with lots of detail, and sometimes just simple elegance, with minimal fuss.

I felt like the latter worked perfectly here, since I didn’t want to take away from the natural beautiful structure of Gunnersbury Park wedding venue.

I tend not to hand out flyers and leaflets, preferring instead to have interested and potential couples scan a QR code for my brochure, and chat with me directly.

Massive thank you also to my “Roadie” (and partner) Charlie, who snapped loads of photos and recordings, made sure I was comfy and watered, and helped me set up and break down my stand!

(And also photographed me enjoying my beautiful and beloved Sophia Webster shoes…)

I’m pleased to have booked a number of weddings from this event – not all of them at Gunnersbury, but I love to travel to London for solo wedding cello events regardless! I still have some spaces remaining for weddings this year, but also have bookings in place for 2024, and enquiries and bookings for 2025. I’m really not kidding when I tell people they need to contact me asap to secure their booking…!

Let me know if anything beatiful caught your eye, and feel free to leave some love for Anna at Secù Photography!