Wedding Cellist In The Woods, Huddersfield


Back at the start of September this year, Sid and I were requested to play at a wedding in Stocksmoor, near Huddersfield, in the woods. I’ve previously played cello in the woods before (for an amazing photo shoot!) and it was a beautiful experience. However, to play cello for a wedding in the woods naturally made things significantly more awesome.

Charlotte and Daley contacted me to perform some lovely solo wedding cello music, and I played a selection of pieces for their guests arriving, during the ceremony, and as they were leaving. It was such a perfect afternoon! Sun streaming through the autumn trees, and then on to their wedding reception marquee in the fields near their home. A beautiful and very lovely couple, friendly guests who looked after me the whole time. It was pretty perfect!

My huge thanks to everyone on the day (including those who helped me on the trip from the woods to the house!), to Craig at Mr & Mrs Boutique Wedding Photography, and love and congratulations to the ever lovely Charlotte and Daley.

Jay Emme, Wedding Cellist, Huddersfield Wedding In The Woods


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