Hey and welcome!

Hi! I'm Jay, a friendly, professionally trained freelance cellist available in the UK and internationally. Music and cello are two of my biggest passions, and being able to share with amazing people like you, means a great deal to me. If you share the love of the beautiful sound of the cello, we should talk about what I can do for you. Jay x


Lush, perfect, unaccompanied cello music for one of your best days ever.

All Suites include:

Up to 3 new music requests
Travel within England
Consultation phone call
Videographer recording rights
Outfit/colour scheme requests where required

Suite 1


Simplicity, sophistication and elegance for your beautiful wedding ceremony.

Solo cello music for your guests arriving, then music for your entrance, register signing, and wedding exit.

{Up to 90 minutes}


Suite 2


Lush and light music entertainment to ease into the big celebrations.

Solo cello music for you and your guests during your drinks reception and photos - can be indoors or outdoors*.

{Two sets, up to 45 min each}


Suite 3


Luxe sophistication and light entertainment!

Solo cello music for your guests arriving and your ceremony, and then light, fun music during your drinks reception and photos.

Indoors or outdoors*, reception music is up to two x 45 minute sets.


Post ceremony music is broken up into 45 sets, with a 15 minute gap in between.
Post ceremony music can include backing tracks where required.
A mini PA system can be used for light amplification if performing outdoors.


* Some form of shade or protection from rain or direct sun must be provided if performing outdoors


Additional extras if required:

Wedding Music Video Consultation £90 (Complimentary)

Up to 45 minute music consultation video call, with cello. Use this to discuss and finalise special requests, and hear samples of your music on cello.


Custom Music Requests £45 per piece (complimentary)

Use this option if you would like additional favourite pieces to be specially transcribed to cello for your day. (Min 6 weeks advance notice required.)


You can select music from the playlists for the key moments, or you can make special requests for new/custom music. I will start playing approx. 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony, and play at the agreed cued moments. Wedding ceremony is always solo unaccompanied cello, and can be lightly amplified upon request.

Drinks Reception:

I will play music from my entire library (you can ask for certain pieces to not be performed, if you wish). Depending on the environment, this will be solo unacommpanied cello, lightly amplified by mini PA system (Bose S1 Pro+). You can request backing tracks throughout free of charge - backing music is pre-recorded piano and/or guitar, or similar.

Wedding Breakfast:

Music can be performed up until:

~ the beginning when you and your guests are seated
~ the end when coffee is served*
~ you are ready for your first dance

*If your speeches are at the start or intertwined with your meal and you would like me to play to the end of the wedding breakfast, then I will take a break whilst speeches are taking place.

Thanks, from Jay Émme

Sarah & Lukas, I hope this has all the info you need, but please do let me know if you'd like to create something different, or whether you're to go ahead and make your booking. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! :)