Hey and welcome!

Hi! I'm Jay, a friendly, professionally trained freelance cellist available in the UK and internationally. Music and cello are two of my biggest passions, and being able to share with amazing people like you, means a great deal to me. If you share the love of the beautiful sound of the cello, we should talk about what I can do for you. Jay x



Due to popular demand, this page will be significantly updated in the next few weeks. My solo cello play list is updated regularly, and the pieces on that play list are often refined and rearranged, to make them perfect for solo cello. Occasionally, some pieces are removed, but re-added again at a later date.

If there are specific pieces you would like to hear, then please contact me for a quick recording. Alternatively, you can have a look at my current play list page. For now, you’re welcome to listen to snippets of my playing over on my Instagram Stories!

Thank you so much for your patience.

Jay Emme Wedding Cellist London

"A Thousand Years"

Christina Perri

Jay Emme Wedding Cellist London

"La Vie En Rose"

Edith Pilaf