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Hi! I'm Jay, a friendly, professionally trained freelance cellist available in the UK and internationally. Music and cello are two of my biggest passions, and being able to share with amazing people like you, means a great deal to me. If you share the love of the beautiful sound of the cello, we should talk about what I can do for you. Jay x

Black Concert Skirts {With Pockets!}

Beautiful concert skirts for cellists, or other concert performers and musicians


You want to make sure that you look your best for concert performances, whether as a soloist or within an orchestra or other ensemble. These black concert skirts are durable, gorgeous, and ready for all your concert needs.

Concert Musician Clothing Cello Skirt with pockets Front Angeline


Black Concert Skirt - Full length, wide, no pleats, light weight. Comes with zipper on the back. Pockets available. Beautifully clean, uncomplicated and simple.

From £75


Black Concert Skirt - Full length, wide, single front pleat, with zipper on the back or the side. Semi-hidden pockets. Perfectly stylish and sophisticated.

From £90

Jay Émme Concert Skirt - Alyson. Black full length concert skirt for cellists and musicians


Black Concert Skirt - Full length and extra wide, with zipper on the side or back, and pockets hidden in the pleats and folds of the skirt. Full "princess" luxury.

From £125

Availability & Orders

Now taking orders for April & May 2020!

Client slots are now available for April and May! If you are interested in purchasing your own gorgeous and stylish black concert skirt, get in touch immediately! I'd love to hear from you and create your perfect skirt.


Each and every concert skirt takes time, love, and patience to sew and create for you. They are all sewn in my own home from start to finish, and will require at least one in-house consultation (however, video call options are also available). This is why I can only take a limited number of orders.

I have researched concert musician and performer needs, and as a musician myself, I have taken all of those things into consideration.

Ask me your questions...


How much do your skirts cost?


Skirt prices start from £75, and prices will vary depending on what style and customisations you choose. Work within your budget or go and splurge!


Can the skirts be washed/ironed?


I have two main types of fabric I use, both of which can be washed at 30ºc, and ironed on a medium setting. They are also minimal-crease fabrics, as long as they are not crushed beforehand.


Can I have pockets?


Of course! ALL skirts have pockets as standard, and they can be customised with a different fabric for that extra special something. They are also hidden as much as possible within the folds of the fabric. The pockets are big enough to fit small accessories, mobile phones and important items .


Can I just order a skirt and go? Like, "off the rack"?


Every single one of the skirts I make are custom made, fully bespoke, designed specifically to your needs and requirements. I do not keep a store of skirts to hand, because each one is uniquely designed.


I'm a wind player, and I need a skirt which has a flexible waist. Can you help?


Of course! There are ways to work around this, and we can discuss this at your consultation. Every skirt comes with 1 year of complimentary adjustments, within reason.


What if I don't want black? Can I have a different colour?


Of course! I appreciate that some concert musicians might night need a black concert skirt or concert dress, and might need a different colour for a different performance. We can discuss this at your initial consultation.