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Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You” Cover for Netflix’s Queen Charlotte & Bridgerton Series


I was recently invited to take part in one of the most life-changing events I could ever imagine – to perform with Queen Charlotte’s Global Orchestra.

“To celebrate the release of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, NetflixShondaland and Alicia Keys created a 70-plus piece Global Orchestra made up entirely of women of colour to perform a rendition of “If I
Ain’t Got You”, on the 20th anniversary of the song.”



I have played the cello for 38 years, and NEVER have I had the privilege (PRIVILEGE!) of playing in an all women of colour orchestra (hell…I’ve never played in an orchestra where everyone was a woman, OR where everyone was a person of colour. This is MIND BLOWING to me).

After sharing the lightspeed journey with friends, family, and followers, the support has been amazing. It’s also been insanely non freaking stop. There were more shenanigans after this event to which I was invited to perform – I’ll share those in another post, now that I’m playing catch up.

But this…holy shit. It was just…so damn surreal, so magical, so intense, so NECESSARY.

I watched it for the first time within about a minute of it being released on YouTube. I had my kiddos and partner with me, and I was just kinda…sitting on the sofa, somewhat transfixed.

How could I not be transfixed? We ALL look, and sound, utterly incredible.

(Did I mention the whole thing was mind blowing?!?)

Also, I totally did a little SQUEEEEEE when I saw my close up, hahahah!

It was the most INCREDIBLE sessions I’ve ever experienced. I keep looking at the behind the scenes photos, and it’s still all so very surreal, but absolutely incredible.

Alicia Keys with Kris Bowers and Bobbie-Jane Gardner

Conducted by Ofentse Pitse, for @bridgertonnetflixShondaland. With huge thanks to Warm Street & Momentum Music Talent Agency

Full music video now on YouTube, and full playlist on Spotify