ADHD & Autism Performance and Confidence Coaching

Neurodiverse coaching for people already thinking outside the box...

Sometimes we are trapped by our own brain, stuck in our own thoughts, unable to break out and move forward.

It's time for some alternative thinking to get you going!

Ready to go next level?

To make a start, we can have a chat via email. You can tell me your needs, your goals, and let me know what you want us to achieve.

You can also use this time to ask me any questions you might have, whether it's about my process, or what the experience might be like.

Jay Emme, Coach

Hi, I'm Jay!

Jay Émme, BA (hons), MA (Distinction)

It's so great that you're here, and I'm already excited for you! Here's a bit about me...

I have ADHD, and am Autistic. So, importantly, I can often relate to how your neurodiverse brain is working, and create alternative ways to help you manage what's going on. I've trained in cello performance since the age of six (30+ years of training!), completing a Masters Degree (distinction), focused on performance. I've coached many other people of all ages, through exams and performances, whilst helping others find their path, walk it with confidence, and encourage them to step up and reach for their dreams.

Right now I am also honing my skills further by training as a Transformational Life Coach.
I have accumulated so many incredibly useful tools and skills, specifically when it comes to growth and confidence, and I want to coach you so you can use them too!

The neurodiverse brain works in very many different ways to a neurotypical brain, and it can be hard to do the things which seem to come so easily to everyone else.

You might not be able to "just calm down", or "just think positive thoughts", because your amazing neurodiverse brain - coupled with anxiety - is off on its own trajectory. It cannot conform with what is seen as "standard", or you haven't yet found coping strategies which work for you. You may also struggle with harnessing energy and focus when it comes to crunch times, and need a way to do this which works specifically for you.

You need someone to help guide you, and give you the tools to make things work for you, with minimal frustration (and ideally, no masking!).

What's The Plan?

Explore creative ways to focus, control, and grow
Examine neurodiverse/neurotypical thinking techniques
Discuss what issues might be keeping you from your goals
Create techniques which are unique to you, for you
Celebrate your achievements...
...and put them into practice!

Booking and Availability

Upon agreement, sessions can happen as little or as often as you like. You can also book a session, and pencil it in for as soon as possible, or far into the future (dates pending).

All sessions are about you, and are primarily lead by your needs. Once we have established your needs, we work as a team to move forward and achieve your goals. We can move at your preferred speed, as long as we're constantly moving toward your goal.

I work with all ages, no limits, inclusive of all.

I will support you, and be your cheerleader. Know that I won't take any excuses - you need to Do The Work, and I want to see you succeed!

What sessions/courses are available?

All Confidence and Goal Setting Sessions Tailored To Your Needs

~ Intro - Let's Go! ~

Perhaps your goal is right around the corner and you need the tools to make that final step, or a gentle shove to keep going. Or you just want a place to begin! This is for you.

~ 6 Week Wonder ~

Maybe you are in full, deep, self research mode. You want to get to the bottom of all of it, and you are willing to prepare for intensive training because you want big results, and to do it RIGHT.

~ VIP Super Session ~

You can see your goals. You know what you want. You're ready to do the work. And you to hyperfocus in that way you know best. Perfect for people who know their attention is limited but determined.

The Experience


Connie Tu - Henna & Jagua Artist

I came to Jay when I was at a crossroad between my ‘side-hustle’ and my day-job. We talked about how I viewed the day-job as a sensible, grown up, reliable career, and saw my side hustle as less secure. She helped me to see the entrepreneurial nature in me, and realise that my side hustle is just as solid a choice for making an income as a ‘sensible’ day job can be - because the drive and the energy comes from me and the love I have for what I do. Jay will forever represent that fork in the road for me. You need to be heard and you need to be cheered on, bolstered by your coach and mentor. And that is precisely what Jay does. Invest in yourself and try at least one session with Jay. It’ll be worth it!

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Consultation Packages

This is the first of the brave, anti-procrastination, screw you Executive Dysfunction, eff-RSD-let's-do-this steps you will take.

It starts here. It starts now.

(Financially disadvantaged? Payment schedules are available. I want to help you! So let's talk.)

Grass Background

Intro - Let's Go!

Perfect for an intro to coaching, or a great way to experience fast, one-off, specialised coaching sessions.

3 one-to-one coaching session, up to 45 mins each

Neurodiverse focused coaching

Tools and strategies to help you move forward

Access to a group community of like-minded thinkers and achievers

£200 (Limited Time Intro Offer)

Sand Background

6 Week Wonder

If you want to take things steady, or feel like you have a lot to work through, this is the course for you.

6 Weeks of ongoing confidence coaching sessions

Focused mindset training

Neurodiverse confidence goal setting and planning

Tools, strategies and exercises to help keep you on the right path

Ongoing email, voice, and text support

Access to a community of like-minded thinkers

Celebration singing and dancing when you complete your goals!



VIP Super Session

Want to go full tilt and absorb as much info as possible, as fast as possible? (Are you wanting to utilise your hyperfocus?)

All Day One-To-One Session (up to 8 hours)

Intensive mindset training

Neurodiverse guided coaching

Goal discovery and exploration

50 min follow-up session

Materials to guide you after the session

Access to a community of like-minded thinkers

Celebratory dancing when you reach your goals!


Get in touch, take the next step toward your goals

Are you ready for wings (without the RedBull)? The fact that you already made it this far is a BIG step, and you should applaud yourself. Congratulations! Taking action when we are stuck often requires confidence, and you're already on the way to smashing those bigger goals. I can't wait to help you out and work with you. Fill on the contact form, and I promise I'll be in touch very soon.

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