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Hi! I'm Jay, a friendly, professionally trained freelance cellist available in the UK and internationally. Music and cello are two of my biggest passions, and being able to share with amazing people like you, means a great deal to me. If you share the love of the beautiful sound of the cello, we should talk about what I can do for you. Jay x

Meet Jay

The Detailed Info

I have played cello for 30+ years, performing with numerous orchestras and ensembles around the UK, from north Scotland, right down to the south coast. I've also travelled internationally to perform with my cello, including Canada, the Caribbean, the Channel Islands, and most of Europe. Away from orchestras, I've been invited as backing strings for numerous musicians for professional recordings and live performances, have provided music for promo sessions, wedding shows, the BBC, Netflix, and various artists such as Alicia Keys, Akash Odedra, Ebony Bones, Bonaventura Bottone, and more. When time allows, I often coach other musicians and performing artists - from students to professionals - exploring and expanding their limitless possibility.

I've been invited as a cellist for numerous musicians for professional recordings and live performances, have provided music for promo sessions, wedding shows, and Graduation ceremonies, and am often invited to work with music students exploring creative arts through music. I have a BA honours in music, and an MA (distinction), specialist in performance. To maintain an excellent standard of playing, I currently study under award-winning cellists Richard Jenkinson, Lionel Handy, and Jane Salmon at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Just before collecting my Masters results, I was diagnosed Autistic with ADHD. I recently launched my business as a performance and confidence coach for ADHD and autistic creatives.


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Things I Love

Fine dining. Good coffee. Sewing. Five Guys cajun fries. Silver jewellery. Lush. Supportive friends. Hula hooping. The Smalls. Grey’s Anatomy. Sid. Weddings. Driving (anywhere). Belly laughs. Wagamama. Creating music. New York City. Gin. Film photography. Crochet and knitting. Huge hugs. Labyrinth. Dubstep. Champagne. Travelling the world. Politeness. Rum. Dancing. The sea. Instagram. Bacon and egg cupcakes.

This list is most definitely not exhaustive…

Claims To Fame(!)

Performed in a choir on Blue Peter! Stroked Bonnie the dog. There’s a Blue Peter badge somewhere on my desk. Squealed and professed my love to Philip Schofield when I saw him at the studios. Performed in various orchestras around the world, including the World’s Largest Orchestra. I can crochet a mean Pokéball. I once ate 14 rashers of bacon for breakfast, nothing else. Managed to embarrass Gordon Ramsay and one of his chefs (turns out, they were new to the phrase “mouthgasm”). Had tea with the Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Sandwell, when I was 4 (they were awfully nice, you know?). Have been on the radio numerous times speaking about mental health issues. I'm an advocate for those without a voice.

Thoughts And Things

My career is as a cellist. That's literally my dream come true - it was my dream since I was 10. I absolutely LOVE to be engulfed in the full sound of an orchestra. And I love to hear the sound of a cello singing with its own voice, alone. I believe in being professional about everything I do, as a professional musician, running a business and maintaining my creativity! Importantly, I refuse to be squashed into a conformist box. I'm full of life and love. My thinking is diverse, and I live life honestly. It's a pleasure and an honour to work with you.

Professional Freelance Cellist Jay Émme Birmingham


Let's make music...

I'm always ready to explore new ideas and take on new projects. I work best when I'm thinking outside the box, and seem to have unlimited energy. Whether you need a cellist for your orchestra, a soloist for your event, or just someone to improvise, have a jam, and create new sounds with other talented musicians, I am HERE FOR IT!