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Hi! I'm Jay, a friendly, professionally trained freelance cellist available in the UK and internationally. Music and cello are two of my biggest passions, and being able to share with amazing people like you, means a great deal to me. If you share the love of the beautiful sound of the cello, we should talk about what I can do for you. Jay x

Wedding Cellist - Solo Cello Wedding Music

Information about booking me as your wedding cellist

Having spent many years as a wedding cellist and being deeply involved in the wedding industry, I’m acutely aware of the beautiful little things you might want for your wedding day. It’s always amazing to your favourite wedding music performed live on the day; performed on cello is definitely something that could bring a little additional magical luxury to your incredible day!

The cello is brilliantly versatile, from a rich bass notes to a lush singing upper voice, and you’ll hear all of this when I perform for you.

As well as performing familiar classical pieces, I use my versatility to include a range of other music genres you might like, including pop/chart songs, Disney favourites, even some rock classics, and much more! There are almost no limits to the magic we can make happen.

The Wedding Cello Suites

Wedding day cello performances start at £360, and includes my time on your wedding day - I'm available for guest entertainment, your ceremony, and/or your drinks reception. I have an extensive music library of pieces specially arranged for solo cello, and I also take requests in advance of the big day. My prices also include travel within England; travel to Scotland, Wales, and destination weddings (anywhere that requires Sid and I to get on a boat or plane!) are subject to additional travel fees. Please do get in touch to receive a copy of my brochure, which contains all the info you need.

Specially Arranged Music

I have been trained to First Class degree level to use professional music software. I use this to create arrangements of specific requests. I'm more than happy to arrange a piece of your favourite music for you! You can send over a YouTube/Spotify link to the track for me to transcribe it, or if you have the sheet music, I can rewrite it directly for cello. You are welcome to request your favourite additional tracks for your event!

Jay Emme Wedding Cellist London

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

{Victor Hugo}

Why have a cellist at your wedding?

Emotions will, undoubtably, be running high on your wedding day. Sometimes you might find yourself a little lost for words, and need the emotion and expression of music to sum up what you want to say. Maybe you have favourite pieces or songs, which you share with your partner, and want to incorporate those little things into the day. The cello is the instrument closest to the human voice...and I'd like to help you share your songs.


Let's get your wedding ceremony music sorted.

Please contact me using the form below – let me know your wedding date and venue, and any other important info. From there we can discuss your requirements for the wedding day.

Your date is reserved upon signing and return your Wedding Agreement, and paying your booking fee. The balance is due before the wedding day, so that you are not worrying about finances on the day itself, and can relax/celebrate with your guests. Need to make some adjustments prior to the big day? No problem! Just keep in touch and we will make sure everything is up to date.

On the day itself, I arrive nice and early in order to make sure I can perform in just the right spot, and go over any last minute details with your wedding planner, coordinator, and/or wedding officiant.

If you would like an idea of music available, please visit my wedding cellist playlist page.


And so the adventure of love and music begins...